Steps to Placing a Screen Printing Order


-Client education is integral to a smooth order.  The more you understand the printing process the easier it will be.  Our website is filled with information about the screen printing process in general, and about our specific procedures and policies.  Please read through our site thoroughly to get the basics.  We will be happy to work with you to answer any questions you may have and to assist you with selecting the best product and printing technique for your project.

-The next step is to prepare your artwork.  Please read through our Artwork Guidlines page for specific information.  If you need help setting up artwork, or determining the number of colors in your artwork, or determining whether or not your artwork is print-ready we will be glad to assist.

-Next, you will need to select the product(s) to be printed and determine the sizes and quantities you will require.  We have listed some of the most popular products on our site, but we have access to a vast number of brands and styles.  Please let us know if you don't see what you need and we will look into getting it for you.

Once you have completed those steps you are ready to submit your order for a quote.


Submit For Quote

-Send us an e-mail or give us a call with the information you put together above.  We will need to know the products you need printed, how many you need printed, whether or not you have a hard deadline you need them by, and the number of colors in your artwork (if you have artwork ready send it along at this point for the most accurate quote possible).

-At this point we will prepare a quote and either call you back or e-mail it to you.  You will then review the quote and we will answer any questions you may have, or make any adjustments to items or quantities that you may want.


Approve Quote & Pay Deposit

-The next step is to approve the quote either in writing or via e-mail.

-Once the quote has been approved we require payment of 50% before we finalize the artwork and order the blank product to be printed.


Approve Artwork Mockup

-Next, we will prepare a digital artwork mockup that will show your artwork on a template of the specified product and will list the product color, ink colors, print dimensions and locations.

-We will then e-mail you the mockup or schedule a time for you to come in to look at it.  

-Once we have your approval on the mockup we are ready to begin the print process.  Orders are generally turned around within ten business days from this point.  Make sure to let us know if you have a hard deadline you need to have the product in hand.


Print, Pack, Pay, Pick-up

-We then create the films and screens and print your order.  

-Once your order is complete we pack it up and update the invoice to include shipping (if applicable) and deduct any shortages (if applicable).

-We will then send you the updated invoice for payment.  If you are picking up the order we will then schedule a time for you to pickup and you can pay the balance when you arrive.  If we are shipping your order we will need final payment of the balance before we ship.